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Editor's Choice 2020
Design Award 2017
App of the year 2016
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Write naturally

Bear is a beautiful, powerfully simple Markdown note taking app to capture, write, and organize your life.

Seamless Markdown

  • Work your way with text, photos, tables, and todo lists, all in the same note
  • Easily organize notes and projects with flexible tags
  • Format notes with simple Markdown that adapts to any situation

Organize easily

  • Powerful tools to take notes, plan your week, write a book, or even build a wiki
  • Fast, native apps that keep pace with your imagination, online and off
  • Send notes to others, export to many formats, and share ideas with the world—if you want

Universal beauty

  • Winner of the coveted Apple Design Award
  • A polished, minimal interface stays out of your way
  • Beautiful themes offer the perfect, cozy space to work

Private security

  • Your notes are between you and iCloud—
    we can't see anything
  • Encrypt notes for an extra layer of protection from prying eyes

And so much more

Bear is packed with advanced features that reveal themselves naturally once you dive in.

  • feature share icon Export more. Export notes into more formats: PDF, HTML, DOCX, JPG. PRO
  • feature search icon OCR Search. Search for text inside photos and PDFs—whether in a single note or across all of them. PRO
  • feature crop icon View more at a glance. Resize or crop your images. Look beyond URLs with rich media previews for links and PDFs.
  • feature tag icon Tags that pop. Choose from over 250 icons to help tags stand out. Pin important tags for easy access.
  • feature outline icon Outline with focus. Structure notes with headings. Use folding to focus on a section and hide the others.

Resize and crop images

Keep what you need, leave out the rest.


iCloud sync


Your notes stay up-to-date across all your devices, automatically.

Sketch your notes

Insert sketches anywhere in your note, inline with your text, photos, and attachments.

Draw with your Apple Pencil or finger, and edit your creations at any time.


Help support further development and gain access to great extra features


  • Local access to your notes
  • Document scanning
  • Export to: TXT, Markdown, TextBundle, RTF, PDF, JPG, HTML, DOCX, ePub
  • 3 free themes
  • 1 app icon
  • Search inside PDFs and images
  • Sync with iCloud

Compared to other apps for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, these features can easily cost $80 per year or more. We aim to set a fair price for Bear Pro to ensure regular updates and future development.


  • Local access to your notes
  • Document scanning
  • Export to: TXT, Markdown, TextBundle, RTF, PDF, JPG, HTML, DOCX, ePub
  • 28+ themes
  • 15 app icons
  • Search inside PDFs and images
  • Sync with iCloud
A 7 day free trial, then $2.99/month
pricing best deal bg -15% $29.99/year
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Bear 2 is a terrific notes app

In an ever-growing sea of notes apps for Apple devices, Bear is still as good as it gets.

David Pierce, The Verge

This app has become my everything

Bear manages to combine extreme power into something elegant and simple. It can basically be whatever you want it to be and gets the hell out of your way!

App Store review

Exceptional app

Clean, simple, yet sophisticated. I’ve tried so many notes apps but have stuck with Bear

App Store review

Intuitive and powerful!

The ability to rapidly jot down a note or idea and file it with the tag system in seconds is a game-changer

App Store review

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