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Bear for web, Android, & Windows

As of this writing, we do not have plans for Android or Windows. Shiny Frog is a small team by design, and we prefer to focus on projects we believe we can reasonably tackle and do well.


We can say that Bear for web is in the works! We don’t want to talk specific features yet, but we can share a few of our current goals for its core design.

Our plan for Bear for web

Our current plan is that Bear for web will:

It will take a while

Yes, really. The original Bear took three years to build, and now we’re also juggling the web app, customer support, and regular updates to support Apple’s latest features and fix occasional bugs.

Fortunately, Bear Pro subscriptions have allowed us to expand the team a little to help with support, social media, our growing Chinese audience, and commission those sweet, sweet iMessage stickers.

When we get closer and have more to say, we’ll update this document and proclaim it from atop the highest mountains. Whereby ‘mountains’ we mean our newsletter, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook.

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