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How to link notes together

In Bear, you can create links between notes and even link to specific sections of a note. This is great for all kinds of projects, from creating a personal wiki to a table of contents for a book. Here is how this feature works.

Note: As of Bear 1.7, note links will automatically update if the title of the linked note changes.

While editing a note:

If you are using a hardware keyboard, including on iPad and iPhone, you can use the arrow keys to navigate results, and Return to select.

You can link directly to a specific section in another note. These sections are created by using headings, like this:

Bear’s note links support H1-H6.

To get the link to a specific section of a note, tap or click the H tag on the left side of the note. In the options that appear, tap or click Copy Link to Here. Now, in any other note, select some text and use our link tool to paste the link.

With a keyboard on any device, press Command + K to insert a link. Alternatively, on the Mac this command is under Format > Insert Link. On iOS, scroll our Shortcut Bar above the keyboard until you see a link button.

You can copy a link to a note from the Note List. On Mac, right-click the note and choose Copy link to note. On iPad and iPhone, swipe left on a note, tap More, scroll the Actions menu, and tap Copy link to note.

[[Apple pie recipe]]
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