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Migrate from Evernote

To import your notes from Evernote you just need to perform a couple of steps:

The .enex format does not include informations about your notebooks. If you want to keep the notebook name as a reference in Bear we suggest to add a tag to your notes in Evernote before exporting them. The enex does retain the notes you trashed in Evernote, please consider empty Evernote's trash before exporting.

If you want to migrate your Evernote's notebooks to Bear you can use tags. Create a new note in Bear with a tag for every notebook (e.g. #notebook1, #notebook2, #notebook3, etc…). Export each notebook in an enex file and import them one by one. After every import, drag and drop the new notes to the corresponding tag. Use the search to find the newly imported notes (e.g. to find the notes which do not belong to #notebook1 and #notebook2 search for -#notebook1 -#notebook2).

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