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Export your Notes in Different Formats

The free version of Bear can export your notes to a number of formats:

In addition to these free options, upgrading to Bear Pro will unlock additional formats, with more coming in the future:

To access these export options on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone, tap the (i) button in the upper right of a note. Then, look at the bottom of the Information Pane that opens to export the current note.

Customize export behavior

On macOS: you can export all your notes to a specific format by selecting FileExport Notes… in the menu bar.

You can customize some export options under Bear > Preferences > General, including “Keep tags during export.” Other options can be adjusted in the export dialog.

On iPad and iPhone: You can export all notes by tapping Settings in the Sidebar, then Import & Export. Various export options can be toggled in that settings area, including:

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