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How to encrypt & lock notes with Bear

As of Bear 1.7, Pro users can encrypt individual notes. This helps protect sensitive information and notes from nosy friends, family, and coworkers. Just like your notes, your Note Password is known only to you—we cannot see or reset it.

Encrypted notes only display titles (if available) in the Note List; previews are obfuscated even if a note is unlocked.

Add a Note Password

Follow instructions below to create a Note Password for encrypting notes in Bear. If Face/Touch ID is available on the device, it is enabled automatically to make unlocking notes easier.



Password best practices

When you pick a Note Password, a strength meter will encourage you to pick a strong password, complete with a helpful Password Judgemoji!

We highly recommend picking a strong but memorable password. Here are some tips to help:

Change Note Password

You can change your Note Password at any time.



Remove Password

You can remove a Note Password from one or multiple notes.



Encryption and backups

When creating a backup of your Bear notes, encrypted notes will be included with all the others. They will also be encrypted in backup form.

If you need help on how to backup your Bear notes or your entire device, there’s a blog post for that.

Limitations of encrypted notes

Delete Password Mode (extreme recovery - use with caution!)

If you forget your Note Password, we cannot retrieve or reset it, and we cannot recover your locked notes. While this situation is unfortunate, it is also done in the name of privacy: we don’t want to see your notes, tags, or any other data.

Delete Password Mode is an emergency solution for when a Bear user forgets their Note Password, but they want to start over and lock new notes. All existing locked notes must be deleted in order to use Delete Password Mode.

Here is how it works:

Bear should no longer have a Note Password available for locking notes. The next time you try to lock one, you’ll be prompted to set a Note Password just like the first time.

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