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Drag & Drop on iPad and iPhone

Bear for iPad and iPhone support the drag and drop features in iOS, including a custom feature we created called the Drop Bar. These features make it easy to do things like share multiple notes to other apps or drop them onto a tag, as well as merge, trash, copy, and more.

Check out a video demo of these features and further instructions below.

How to use the Drop Bar, including on iPhone

When you drag one or more notes in the Note List, the Drop Bar will appear at the bottom. Drag notes to it, and a sheet will appear with a variety of actions you can take on all notes. Here is how to use it:

You can merge multiple notes together into one note, trash them, manage tags, pin or unpin, share them to other apps, copy their links for pasting into other apps, and more.

Things to know about the Drop Bar and drag and drop

Drop notes in other apps as plain text

When using iOS multitasking features to display two apps side-by-side, you can drag notes from Bear’s Note List into other apps.

Apps will determine how they handle notes dragged from Bear. For example: in our testing, many writing apps accept dragged notes as plain text and insert it into the current document. However, if you drag Bear notes into Apple’s new Files app, they become plain text files.

When editing a note in Bear for iPad, you can drag notes from the Note List into the current note. They will become tappable links, which you can tap to quickly open those other notes.

Linked notes like this will use the first line of the note as the title for the link.

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