Editor 2.0 Alpha

We’re working on a brand new Editor for Bear, and we need your help .

Getting Started

We’ve been working hard on some of your requests: tables, attachment previews, theme customization, and more. Now we’re ready to start testing a few of these features, and we’d love to hear what you think. The download link is at the bottom of this page, but we need to cover a few things first.

What’s an alpha?

Alpha, noun - From the Greek word meaning “this is not finished, many features are missing or not working yet, do not use this for mission critical work.” Supposedly, alpha is also the first letter of the Greek alphabet.

This “Panda” alpha test is a standalone Mac app, so it lacks most of Bear’s other features. This makes it easier to work on new Editor features and crank out test builds.

Later, we’ll have a full Bear + Editor 2.0 beta. Yes, an Editor 2.0 test for iPad and iPhone.

  • Many features are missing, others are unfinished. This is just a test build to get feedback on specific new features
  • Create backups of backups Just to be safe, use this on new files and copies of existing files

We have more in store for Editor 2.0. But to start this alpha test, you can focus on these features.

What's new, and what to test

Animated GIFs

GIFs can now animate in notes. Simply click them to watch the magic. We don't have any set file size limits (besides Bear's general limit of 250MB per attachment), so please push those boundaries in your testing.

Bear alpha gif support

Tables - no, you aren't dreaming

They're here. Click the Table button in the Panda’s toolbar to create one. Mouse over cells for a menu to manage the table, create and delete rows and columns, and more.

Bear alpha gif support

Nestable styles and CommonMark

Bold within italics, Marked italics in headings, it’s all here. We’re also switching to a standard Markdown implementation: [CommonMark] + GitHub Flavored Markdown.

Bear Alpha Nestable styles


Footnote support is here with some handy extras that make it easier to create and edit them. Simply click the Format > Footnote button in the toolbar to add one to a note.

Bear Alpha footnotes

Right to left languages

For Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and more.

Bear Alpha RTL

Better Code blocks

Better syntax highlighting, editing, and general performance.

Bear Alpha Code Blocks

Why a new Editor?

  • We’re switching to a more standard Markdown system for greater formatting flexibility and integration with other apps
  • This should make it easier to add requested features
  • Sometimes you have to tear it all down in order to move forward

How you can help

We need adventurous users to give this alpha a test and provide feedback on the new features and bugs.

Lastly: When will Editor 2.0 ship?

When it’s ready.

Download Editor 2.0 alpha for Mac

Here’s the big button. Remember, with great power, comes great responsibility to backup your stuff when testing alpha software.

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